Intercourse Vs. The Ultra Bowl

Although the big online game was being starred in Dallas of the Packers and also the Steelers, another game had been happening behind the scenes: the best match between intercourse and recreations.

The ultra Bowl is considered the most watched television occasion of the season in the usa, for both women and men, so it is not surprising that Super Bowl 2011 had a large influence on US intercourse physical lives. Personal dating website Zoosk performed a survey of over 1,000 singles to discover the relationship between really love, sex, and soccer, additionally the results might replace the method you approach video game day permanently.

The war on the genders, as it happens, is actually fought from the baseball area as well as in the bed room. People were broken down on who they hoped would take the trophy: a great deal of males (57per cent) were rooting for your Green Bay Packers, whilst greater part of ladies (54percent) happened to be cheering in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Agreeing on a preferred member additionally became a difficult task. The women nominated Tom Brady your top area, with 32percent associated with the votes, followed by Drew Brees (20percent), Peyton Manning (17per cent), Brett Favre (14percent), Jason Taylor (12%), and Ladainian Tomlinson (5%). Guys, on the other hand, known as Brett Favre since their # 1, once again with 32per cent regarding the ballots, followed by Peyton Manning (22per cent), Drew Brees (18%), Tom Brady (14percent), Ladainian Tomlinson (8%), and Jason Taylor (6per cent).

The one thing gents and ladies could agree on, however, ended up being the part of ultra Bowl Sunday they liked most:

  • 57% of singles asserted that they have a lot of excited about the online game it self.
  • 20% reported liking the commercials well.
  • 16% stated they participate when it comes to partying.
  • 7percent reported enjoying for all the spectacle from the half-time program.

Survey members in addition emerged with each other to vote for appealing user, a prize that went along to Ryan Clark on the Steelers. Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Mason Crosby (Packers), and Hines Ward (Steelers) got the 2nd, third, and next locations.

In addition to being home really appealing player into the game, Pittsburgh additionally defeat completely Green Bay in issues of really love and love. Whenever requested which town that is home to a major baseball team they might a lot of need to see for an intimate week-end, study players rated both Green Bay and Pittsburgh defectively – but Green Bay came in lifeless last.

It arrived time for Zoosk to try and answer very pressing questions your generation: In a fight between gender and the ultra Bowl, just who arrives at the top?

Nearly 50 % of male respondents mentioned they’d rather have sex than watch the game, but an astonishing 73per cent of females stated they would somewhat be investing ultra Bowl Sunday as you’re watching TV compared to the sack!

When you look at the terms of Alexis Stevens: “it appears to be like basketball participants may be the sole types scoring Sunday night.”

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